ALTERNATIVE BRUSH CLEARING, LLC. - Services & Testimonials
ALTERNATIVE BRUSH CLEARING, LLC. - Owned & Operated by Bryan & Chris Parrish
  • Underbrush Removal
  • Residential Lot Clearing
  • Row Cleaning
  • Oil & Gas Well Sight Pads
  • Mulching Brush Piles
  • Fence Rows
  • Survey Lines
  • Pasture Restoration
  • Food Plots
  • Hunting Lanes/Senderos
  • Pine Plantation Clearing
  • Pond Construction
  •    Brush Hog Work 5 acres or more
  •                    Dozer Work
  • What happens with the mulch? Mulch can be left.  The ground material will quickly break down and become part of the soil. Mulch left behind prevents erosion, improves soil quality, & helps grass grow through the mulch.
  • How many acres can be cleared per day?  Usually 1 to 3 acres per day, depending on job specifications.   Acres covered per day will vary depending upon what kind of growth is being cleared, how dense the growth is, and how finely the material needs to be mulched.
  • Can we choose which trees we want to keep?  Yes, selective clearing can be done. 
  • Why mulching versus other land clearing methods?  With mulching, there are no debris piles, no burning is required, no chemicals used.  The mulch provides a soil erosion barrier that reduces water runoff and increases water infiltration.  Bulldozers force trees and brush completely up out of the ground disturbing the area around the tree. 
  • "I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful job you did clearing my property.  Your work was well done, timely, and very professional.  I will definitely use you again in the future and would recommend you to anyone.  Thank you- David
  • "I see yawl got the wheel tracks. Glad for you. Am still amazed at the way my property turned out. Exceeded my expectations. You guys are great."   -Paul Belinowski
  • "Yes, they did do a great job. Property looks so clean and so much more beautiful! Honest, hard working guys they are. Wishing you much success!"  -Mary Russ
  • "We just want to take this opportunity and thank you fr the awesome job you did in clearing our land.  Not only are you extremely professional, but your work far exceeded our expectations.  We definitely will use you again, and we would highly recommend you.  Again many thanks and Merry Christmas!" -Dan and Cynthia
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